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Champ Des Grillons Rosé (Domaine la Croix Belle)

Peach rose color. The nose is filled with floral and spicy aromas. Harmonious and elegant taste, delicate and pleasant aftertaste. IGP Côtes de Thongue - 2019
Rosé de pressée

Domaine Guillaman Rosé

Clear and pleasant aroma of ripe fruits. Light, refreshing wine with notes of citrus and exotic fruits, grapefruit, lychee, passionfruit and acacia notes. Cabernet sauvignon is responsible for acidity, structure and color, merlot - for body. Merlot enriches the aroma of the wine and gives the wine a roundness.
L’arnaude Brut Rosé

L’arnaude Brut Rosé wine

L'Arnaude rosé has a pale pink raspberry color. Delightful nose with fruity aromas commonly associated with red fruits and strawberries. It tastes good intensity and fine, refined bubbles. Good balance of fruity aroma and freshness. L'ARNAUDE Brut Rosé wines are vinified according to very strict standards set by VINS BREBAN and its winemaking partners. L'ARNAUDE sparkling rosé wines are made from the Grenache grape, a traditional grape variety grown and cultivated in vineyards in southern France. This sparkling wine was awarded a silver medal at the international competition for the best sparkling wines 2020 (Effervescents du Monde 2020). TASTING NOTES: L'ARNAUDE brut rosé is a great aperitif. It goes well with many fish and seafood dishes.
Mini Mi Provence rosé

Mini Mi Provence rosé

MINIMI rosé wine has a bright pink color. Complex yet elegant taste with notes of citrus, flowers and vanilla mixed with barberry. The nose is very pleasant with delicious freshness.

N°7 Rosé (Domaine la Croix Belle)

Neither siro-rheum colіr. Take in exotic fruits: mango, bili peach, citrus fruits, grapefruit. Have the relish of the presence of migdal. Lively, fresh, balancing relish and dovgy relish. Wines "N ° 7" have taken their name from the number of grape varieties, which can be found in the blend. Its aromatic richness and vitality of roasting it with the finest wine on the tables of France and Europe. IGP Côtes de Thongue - 2019
Jean-Luc Pasquet Rose

Pineau des Charentes Rose

Pineau des Charentes Rose is a blend of freshly squeezed grape juice and O De Wee, in which raspberries have been pre-macerated (AB certified). Clean, transparent and shiny pinkish-red color. Very fruity aroma, combining raspberries, grapes and cognac. The taste is soft and full, there are hints of red fruit, alcohol is well hidden behind the sweetness of grape juice. The balance between alcohol, sugar and acidity is well achieved. Pineau des Charentes Rose can be consumed alone or diluted with carbonated water. Pineau des Charentes Rose are an aperitif that can be enjoyed with a chocolate cake. Notes of red fruit and chocolate are perfectly combined. The pink-red, clean and transparent color of this aperitif drink in the glass is simply seductive! Grapes and cognac are produced on the Pasque estate. In addition, along with hints of velvety raspberries, this taste is exquisite sweetness and roundness. Sugar is perfectly balanced in acidity.
Mimi Grande Réserve rosé Brut

Wine Mimi Grande Reserved rosé Brut

MIMI sparkling wine has thin and persistent bubbles. Its pink color is genuine, has a strong aroma of white flowers, fruits and citrus. MIMI sparkling rosé wine, emphasizes Vins Bréban's winemaking experience, is produced using the Charmat method in Brignoles cellars. TASTING NOTES: MIMI rosé brut sparkling wine will be a delicious addition to many desserts. It can also be appreciated as an aperitif. It is best served at a temperature of 8 ° C to 10 ° C.

Rose French wine.

French rosé wine has appeared since Antiquity, but it began to enter the classification of wines about 300 years ago. At the end of the 20th century, Provencal rosé became one of the most popular summer refreshments.

Most of the best French rosé wines are produced in Provence. About half of all rosé wines in France and 5% in the world are made here. It is in this region that the grapes are saturated with sun, warmth and give a pleasant and fresh taste. In our store you can find and buy French rosé wine wholesale or retail not only from Provence, but from the Gascony and Côte de Tongue regions. Many people think that if you buy real French rosé wine, then the price for it can be exorbitant. You ask: “How much does the rosé wines of France cost?” The price for French rose wine ranges from 200 hryvnia. This is a wonderful French wine from the Guillamand domain. Light, refreshing wine with hints of citrus and exotic fruits, grapefruit, lychee, passionfruit and acacia notes.

What grape varieties are used to make wine in France?

Basically, to make French rosé wine, they use an assemblage from different varieties, sometimes lesser known varieties are added to add new and interesting notes to the taste. The most popular varieties of wine preparation:

  • Syrah
  • Grenache
  • Carignan
  • Mourvedre

Rosé wine can be of different shades from light pink to dark raspberry. It depends on the methods of maceration, bloodletting, direct extraction.

You can come to our store to try and buy to buy real French rose wine in Kiev, as well as red and white. Before purchasing, we will gladly give you a wine tasting so that you can be sure of your purchase. Our consultants will always be happy to help you with the choice and will advise you with which food is best to combine wine. If you can’t get to our store, you can order rosé French wine through our online store.

Why is rose wine useful?

Rose wine lovers may not be afraid to drink it daily, but not overuse it. Due to the smaller amount of heavy tannins, it does not cause headaches and is easy to drink. Thanks to rosé wines, you can support the work of the cardiovascular system, the general tone of the body, while relaxing and calming you. French rose wine reveals your appetite, interest in food, and you can always take a bottle from our store along with a snack to it.
How much does rosé wines in France cost? The price for good French rosé wine in our boutiques is very democratic and pleasant. You can buy French rosé wine in Kiev at Wine Democracy.

What to drink with rosé wine and how to serve it correctly?

Rosé wine is a versatile drink. It can be served with almost any dish and will always be a good addition to the set table. You can even navigate based on the color of the wine. In our store, the lightest French rosé wine in Kiev is Champ Des Grillons Rose. It is an amazing addition to shrimp, seafood, small appetizers, flamencues, light fish salad. More rosé wine – Minimi Provence is suitable for an aperitif, tapas. It can be safely served with grilled fish or even meat.
It is very important to remember about serving rosé French wines – chill to 8 – 10 ° C

Where to buy the best French rosé wine in Kiev?

Ho ho ho! You have come to the right address. You can buy delicious rosé wine from France both in our store and on the website. We invite you to taste our shop for a tasting and getting the atmosphere of a wine cellar. On the spot, you can buy wholesale French rosé wines and enjoy them on holidays, birthdays and family dinners. Only we have a special rosé French wine, the price for which is very democratic! You can buy pink French wine in Kiev at st. Sichovykh Sagittarius 10.
If you do not have such an opportunity, it does not matter! You can arrange and order pink French wine on our website and we will bring it by courier to your home, office. And if you are not in Kiev, then we will gladly send you by New mail. See you soon!