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Château Grand Bossuet - Lalandе de Pomerol

Château Grand Bossuet – Lalandе de Pomerol

Bright and at the same time deep pomegranate color, with the aroma of sweet fruits and vanilla. Generous, plump, with beautiful and harmonious tannins. This Lalande de Pomerol wine combines class and perseverance. Cuvee, where part of its assembly takes place in barrels, giving it a pleasant structure and a pleasant aging potential that balances the fruitiness of the wine.
Château Grand Tayac - Margaux

Château Grand Tayac – Margaux

Wonderful garnet color with crystal glare. The aromas of ripe cherries, blackberries, violets, tobacco, minerals and graphite are revealed. The taste is structured with excellent overall concentration and balance, which develops to a good finish. Wine with good aging potential.
Château Graves de Pez - Saint Estephe

Château Graves de Pez – Saint Estephe

Grav de Pez 2014 is a fantasy that provides attractive aromas and flavors of blackberries, ripe cherries, which are intertwined with spices, fresh flowers and minerals. Notes of cedar, vanilla and black fruit. The middle and full structure of the body is well structured and expands well. It continues to impress with its excellent balance and excellent round, polished texture, resulting in a long velvety finish. Melted tannins with a very pleasant texture, which makes the wine suitable for aging. It improves the fruit in this wine, and there is no hard tannins or dryness.
Clocher Scintillant

Clocher Scintillant du Château Petit Boyer

The aroma includes red and dark fruits, has a subtle, balanced aftertaste. The balance between the elegance of oak and the strength of fruit. Fruit vanilla, playful and persistent color. Tannins are excellent, with a thin, balanced body of excellent complexity.

Le Jardin Red (Domaine de Coussan)

A very rich and intense wine. Aged ruby red with purple highlights. The subtle aroma of black fruits mixed with spices is dominated by notes of Sichuan pepper and cistus flower. The finish is bright and rich. IGP Côtes de Thongue - 2018  
Les Confidentiels

Les Confidentiels “Paloma” du Château Petit Boyer

Beautiful purple in color, this micro cuvée will seduce you with its aromas of ripe black fruits, spices and toast. Powerful taste enriched with silky tannins. A good compromise between grace and power. This wine, where malbec, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and caber franc are played in equal parts, are distinguished by subtle notes of aging. Vanilla notes and roasting add a silky texture to the palate.

N°7 Red (Domaine la Croix Belle)

The color is purple, deep and at the same time brilliant. Complex nose with aromas of black fruit, coffee, mocha and spices (black pepper). Rich and velvety taste, modern wine with smoky notes. Long and memorable aftertaste. IGP Côtes de Thongue - 2017
Pavillon des Charmes - Pessac Leognan

Pavillon des Charmes – Pessac Leognan

A wonderful wine from Bordeaux with a powerful and exciting aroma. It has a bright ruby color with a fruity, spicy taste that will surprise you with its high expressiveness and elegance. Very clear aroma of red fruit, supported by both hard and silky tannins.

Caringole Syrah Red (Domaine la Croix Belle)

Refined red wine with hints of mocha, ripe black fruits. Deep, ruby ​​color. Intense, sweet nose. A safe bet for dining with friends.

Château Pontet Teyssier – St Emilion Grand Cru

Ruby color. There are fried, spicy notes in the aroma and taste, combined with ripe fruit. Soft tannins provide a balanced body.

Red French wines.

Bonjour friends. Today we want to talk about red French wine and their characteristics. Why do many people prefer red wine from France?
France is the world’s leading producer of red wines. The red wines of France, which are produced in the provinces of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Languedoc-Roussillon, Cote de Tong, Cote d’Or, Cote de Gascony, have become famous all over the world. That is why we import the best French red wines to Ukraine from these regions.
Why France, you ask? Because France is located very well in terms of winemaking. Its climate is Mediterranean, there is no shortage of wineries and the grapes are always good. France defines, classifies wine and almost always French wine is controlled by the state, both red and white. Thanks to this classification, winemakers make quality wine, and everyone tries to make it the best in their environment. In our boutiques in Kiev, you can often see the designations: IGP Pays D’OC, IGP Gascogne, Côte de Thongue. All these are indicators of the place of production. That is, when you buy wine with these geographical indications, you can be sure that this is French wine exactly from there, regardless of color (red, pink, white).
Often in the literature, we can see how the finest red wines of France are admired and praised. It gives you mood, can warm you on dark nights and even prolong life. That is why it is often drunk during the cold seasons. After all, only good French red wines can warm up in autumn and winter. Even doctors advise drinking red wine to maintain the health of the cardiovascular system. And you can buy red French wine in Kiev from us)
The French, great wine connoisseurs, also prefer dry red wines. They do not hide the fact that they drink wine in large quantities at lunch and dinner. Therefore, red French wine is at the table with us and with you.
In order to buy French red wine, you can visit us at st. Sichovykh Sagittarius 10, or order the best wine in our online store. We have excellent red French wine, the cost of which is very democratic. The price of French red wine will delight you very much. Our managers will always be glad to see you and help you with your choice.

What grape varieties are used to make the best red wines in France?

You often ask: “Wine Democracy, explain where the red color comes from and what grape varieties make delicious red wine?”
Everything is very simple! All grape varieties have light juice. Often, but not always, red wine is made from red grapes and white wine is made from whites. The wine turns red due to the content of anthocyanins in the grape skins. It is a natural coloring pigment. The shade of red wine ranges from light red to deep pomegranate, almost purple, depending on the grape variety and aging time. So, for example, in our store you can buy Domaine de Coussan – an excellent, tasty, French red wine with a deep ruby ​​hue.
Also, wine, especially French red, has a rich, velvety taste. Sometimes, you can taste a tart taste like persimmon. This is due to the presence of tannins in wine – tannins. In our store, we carefully selected red, delicious French wine so that it does not contain a lot of tannins and is pleasant and at the same time enriched with taste and hints of berries.
The most “main” red wine grape in our boutique is Syrah. This variety is present in 80% of our wines. Why exactly she? Syrah is a red grape with thick dark skin, which gives the wine an unusually deep color. Very powerful, rich, spicy-fruity red wines are born from it. Syrah sometimes goes dark, purple in color. Syrah’s flavor profile is primarily characterized by meatiness with black pepper, dark fruit, violets and notes of blackberry, blueberry, resin, licorice, chocolate, herbs and olives. But besides the fact that this grape variety stands alone, it also combines well with other varieties. For example, French red wine Coussan Le Troutter is an assablage of Syrah, Merlot and Carignan. Ideal combinations of different varieties that only complement each other. The second example of a great duo is Domaine Coussan. Syrah and Grenache noir are present in this wine – a perfect interaction of two varieties. We advise everyone to try these wines.

Where can you buy the best red wines and what are the prices for them?

Our boutique of French wines is called democratic for a reason. We are importers of French red wine, the price of which is affordable for every guest. We invite you to visit our store and discover new notes of red wines, taste them and take them with you. We will always help you in choosing and tell you in more detail about each variety and their combinations. You can always order wine wholesale or retail on our Wine Democracy website.

How to buy good, tasty French red wine and what to pair with?
If you want to be sure of the quality of the wine, before you buy it, check the label. It is in it the most important information that will provide a basis for understanding whether you are buying real French red wine.
Wine Democracy has prepared some tips for you on how to choose a good wine.

How to check red wine for quality?

1. Always buy a still wine that has a harvest year.
It’s no secret that wine is a living substance and it changes over time. Changes are influenced by the usual factors: temperature, light, heat, the color of the bottle (darker protects better from the sun’s rays), what kind of cork is in the bottle and how long has passed since the moment when the grapes turned into wine.
Of course, French red wine is very fond of standing in the bottle for a longer time. It always benefits him, improves his taste and makes him richer, but for this you need to know the harvest year. Moreover, the date of bottling is completely different information. You need to focus on the harvest date.
In our boutique, you can always buy the best red wines of France, even because we have on each bottle the vintage and the territory of origin of the grapes. Basically, this is the 2018-2019 collection year and with this choice you definitely can’t go wrong.
2. Take wines in which the territory of origin of the grapes is written.
The more information on the wine label, the better. To monitor compliance with the rules of origin, wine production and labeling, there are special organizations for wine quality control.
As we said earlier, all our wine has a French geographical indication, both red and white, rosé. In our wines you will find 100% the indicator IGP, AOP, AOC, because we have carefully selected them to bring you the best French wine to Kiev.

What to combine red wine from France with?

The list can be endless. Dry red wine is the least demanding alcohol in terms of snacks. Almost all meat dishes can be served with it, for example, game, poultry, veal or grilled meat.
Also, an excellent company for red French wine will be dishes of different cuisines:

  • Pizza,
  • lasagna,
  • paste,
  • paella,
  • tapas.

And if you are on a diet or do not eat meat at all, grilled vegetables are suitable for red wine. For a light buffet table, you can serve a plate with mature cheeses and meat delicacies:

  • jamon,
  • sausages,
  • smoked meats.

You can always buy red French wine in Kiev in our online store Wine Democracy wholesale or retail, or visit our boutiques: on the street. Sichovykh Streltsov 10 or Kazimir Malevich 86N. We have excellent red French wine that is affordable for everyone. Our managers will always be happy to help you with the choice of wine.